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Did ‘Super Bowl LI’ Ads Score for Latinos?

A closer look at the Latino demographic and Super Bowl LI advertising strategy.

Super Bowl Sunday is the largest advertising platform with a reach of over 110 million viewers…But who is watching? The answer to this question is the backbone of the creative process.

This year alone advertisers are gambling over $5 million in hopes that their message will impact the masses. How do they communicate a message that will resonate if viewers do not interpret messages the same way?

84 Lumber is a great example of how the intention of a message can be misinterpreted. With one of the most controversial advertisements, the company is still struggling to defend their ad.

84 Lumber Super Bowl Ad

When it comes to Latinos, cultural and linguistic sensitivity is the utmost importance. The infographic below from ForbesVeronica Villafañe represents the viewership of the Latino fans in 2016. With this information, do you think the Super Bowl LI ads scored for Latinos? 


Let us know what you think! What was your favorite commercial?


Latino Super Bowl Viewership infographic

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