Latino Marketing Myth

How to be a Latino Marketing Myth Buster

Latinos are a homogeneous group. All Latinos speak Spanish. Latinos are Mexican… Do you know the myths of the Latino Market?

The Vias Team recently traveled to Lansing where we gave a presentation on marketing myths of the Latino Market. This is an important topic as it leads to many assumptions that cause setbacks for businesses targeting the Latino community. We opened the conversation to an audience of business and nonprofit leaders and shared examples of best and worst practices.

As marketers, relying on assumptions can put us and our clients in awkward positions. Even with the best of intentions, even the top brands have produced examples of the worst and most offensive campaigns.

So, how can you avoid tripping on a Latino marketing myth?

First, marketers need to be open to the fact that myths do exist and even the most well-meaning among us can fall victim…but don’t panic! Here are 5 steps marketers should take to being a Latino Marketing Myth Buster.

1 | Identify the Myths

Do you know myth from reality? 

Latinos are a homogeneous group. All Latinos speak Spanish, oh and Latinos are poor and out of touch with technology. These are a few common myths that sneak up on marketers and their campaigns, but there are many others.  These myths alone lead marketers to assume they know who Latinos are, how they might communicate with them, and where they focus their buying power. 

You can’t hit the target with a blindfold, just like you can’t hit your target audience with assumptions.

2 | Learn from Others

Who made a hit, and who took a hit? 

Identifying the myths is half the battle which has been lost by many marketers. Through their campaign blunders marketers can identify any overlooked myths. If you or someone you know has fallen victim to these myths, it’s okay. Recognizing those mistakes when you see them will help you avoid them in the future.

Consumers are increasingly aware of cultural faux-pas, so just because an important brand did it, doesn’t mean they are avoiding the trap of a Latino marketing myth.

3 | Do the Research

What do the numbers say? 

Marketers who put the effort into researching the Latino market will find that it is far from a homogeneous group. You will be surprised just how far research will debunk this and other myths that can sink a marketing campaign. The US Census’ American Fact Finder is a great resource for raw quantitative data. If you’re looking for more digestible data (but less local) the PEW Hispanic Research Center offers free reporting on social trends. Nielsen Insights also has great Hispanic consumer reports- although you have to pay for the in-depth data.

Data is a great and necessary tool for creating a well-thought out campaign strategy, but it should be used with cultural insights & intelligence in mind.

4 | Analyze Your Current Campaign Strategy

Does your strategy align with the research and best practices? 

After you work on your cultural literacy, ask questions, and do your research, you can finally get started. It’s important to revisit these over the course of developing a campaign. Marketing mythology and cultural assumptions have a tendency to sneak up on us!

So, as you are working on your next campaign, here are a few questions to ask yourself:

Are you relying on your existing beliefs about your target audience?

Have you researched who your audience is? Where they are? What media they consume? etc..

Does your pitch make an emotional connection?

Does language play a role in your campaign? Have you asked yourself why?

Have you sought help from consultants who specialize in the Hispanic Market?

5 | Ask Vías!

How can we help?

Vías is a full service marketing agency. We help our clients with strategy, copywriting, design, and production, to ensure their marketing campaigns are a hit. Contact us so we can help you avoid the myths of the Latino Market.

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