Carlos Estrada

Design and Inclusion Leader, Carlos Estrada joins Vías

Vías Latino Marketing Consultants welcomes Carlos Estrada as Creative Director

This month marks the beginning of a new partnership with West Michigan designer Carlos Estrada. Our team at Vías is excited to add Carlos’ expertise in design and leadership, unique business perspective, and enthusiasm to our diverse pool of talent. Carlos will take on the role of Creative Director, he will oversee and help guide our design and content development teams. As an experienced Designer, speaker, educator, community leader, and inclusion/equity advocate, Carlos will be a valuable member of our team.

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AIGA Detroit member, Twitter addict, Graffiti lover, film fanatic, and stand-up comic with an eye on Tech, Design, and Startups.

Get to know Carlos

In addition to his new role with Vías, Carlos is an Information Design Consultant for Herman Miller where he manages various projects & teams to convert engineering processes into accessible infographics for internal communications. Carlos also serves on the content and awareness committee for AIGA’s national Diversity & Inclusion Task Force.

“At Herman Miller, we’re all coming from completely different backgrounds, perspectives and career levels. When meeting with colleagues in different departments, I’m learning to put myself in other people’s shoes, find a common language, and ask the right questions to ensure we’re all on the same page.”

–  Carlos Estrada
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Advocate for inclusion and racial equity in design & education.

Carlos is an experienced speaker. His presentations focus on risk, relationships, design & equity at work and in the nonprofit sector. He shares Design Thinking and leadership principles with marginalized and underutilized students (K-12/college). He’s also a certified Community Catalyst for Public Agency, a project of WMCAT Grand Rapids.

A message from Carlos

“Vías is a great partner to collaborate with. Our diverse group of marketing and design professionals will develop and impact our communities through our businesses. Engaging with Vías to deliver cultural competence to nonprofit and commercial clients aligns with my personal values and professional goals.
I believe communication is oxygen, finding a group of people who you can laugh with, provides an authentic space for transformative ideas to flourish.
I look forward to working with Jonathan and Gonzalo to expand the creative and design services we can offer as a team.”

Help welcome Carlos to our team! You can follow him on Twitter and LinkedIn. Need creative and design services? You can holler at him through our contact page now.

“Change should always be embraced; it has the opportunity to make us stronger.“

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