Salsa outsells ketchup and other myths about the Latino Market

Join us for: “Salsa outsells ketchup, and other myths about the Latino market”

In 1992 the New York Times reported ketchup, the long-time king of American condiments, was dethroned in sales by salsa, outselling it by $40 million. Many assumed this factoid as proof positive of the immense buying power of Latino consumers… but is it really?

Join the Grand Rapids based consultancy Vías Latino Marketing Consultants, the only Latino based full-service advertising agency in Michigan, for an engaging presentation about the dos and don’ts when it comes to marketing to one of the fastest growing demographics in U.S. history–the modern Latin-American consumer. Learn about how awkward assumptions can lead to cultural failures, best practices when promoting your brand to Latino consumers, and how new media is king when it comes to Latino consumer engagement.

Register now for this unique opportunity to flex your cultural IQ and learn about how to kick-start your upcoming marketing plan from a multicultural point of view.

Presented by the Vías team:

Gonzalo Ramirez
Jonathan Barrera Mikulich
-Founder/Chief Creative Officer
Carlos Estrada
-Creative Director
Kaitlyn Califf
-Project Coordinator



“Salsa outsells ketchup, and other myths about the Latino market”

Hosted by: Lansing Regional Chamber of Commerce

Date: June 29, 2017

Time: 8am – 9am

Location: Lansing Chamber of Commerce Offices, 500 E Michigan Ave #200, Lansing, MI 48912 (Google maps)


Special thanks to the Lansing Hispanic Chamber of Commerce.

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