Chemical Bank Print Collateral

As one of the most trusted financial institutions in Michigan, Chemical Bank has provided banking services in the state for over 95 years. When the organization needed to expand its client base with Spanish speaking Latino customers, Vias was consulted to assist with creating culturally relevant print collateral and transcreation strategies to communicate the range of account options available. For many Latino newcomers, accessing the services of a bank can be intimidating and confusing. Studies have shown there exists thousands of unbanked dollars among many Latino families.

Chemical Bank sought to build trust with these families and communicate banking options in a manner that was understandable and accessible. Vias transcreated the method of how Chemical Bank presents its banking services to Spanish speaking Latinos in Michigan and created an accessible Q&A format to communicate account options and acculturated many of the bank’s communication tools.

This both communicated the necessary information about banking and helped to educate a Latino demographic that may not be familiar with the benefits of trusting a financial institution with monetary capital.

Services used:

  • Content Development
  • Print
  • Transcreation