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Vías Partners - C+R Research
Vias Partners - C+R Research

C+R Research – LatinoEyes

Latino Research

The LatinoEyes team is fully devoted to understanding the Hispanic shopper and consumer – their behaviors and desires, passions and drivers, and how their decisions impact your brands. What drives our team is our passion for helping companies understand this dynamic consumer segment and how their cultural journey impacts behaviors. We couple that passion with our solid research expertise and a collaborative approach to deliver impactful and actionable insights.

With over 20 years of experience working with Hispanics, our in-language, in-culture researchers provide relevant qualitative and quantitative services, workshops, and immersions that help you grow and succeed in the marketplace. Our proprietary LatinoEyes Acculturation Model provides a deep understanding of the acculturation journey to help clients’ determine the most appropriate segments and messaging for their brands.


Vias Partners - Carbon Stories
Vias Partners - Carbon Stories

Carbon Stories

Video Production

Carbon is a creative media group that tells stories and shares experiences through numerous media forms, including; photography, videography, graphic design and print media. Carbon strategically markets and creates content which provides the clients with a clear representation of what they are. Through created media, Carbon is able to clarify the imperfections of the brand and what it represents. By looking at the intended audience’s needs, we are able to focus on what should be highlighted in order to improve the client’s image.